Wolberg McNamara Special Quarter Midget

This lovely little Wolberg Quarter Midget racer is equipped with a highly desirable four-stroke Continental type AA7B engine. “Connie” engines, as they were called, were the most desired for quarter midget racing; period advertisements from Continental boldly stated: “Heart of the finest quarter midget racers… Continental Red Seal power,” and further claimed that 95% of all the quarter midgets used their engines. This example is equipped with the desirable seven-bolt head, and the head, the gear reduction unit, and the lower sump are all period performance pieces made by Bose in California. 

It was purchased by the current owner in 2009, and a thorough cosmetic and light mechanical refurbishment was immediately commissioned. The internals of the engine were renewed, including a polishing of the crank and the installation of new valves, seats, new rings, and pistons. Only minor sorting of the ignition, which is set up to run on using automotive points and a condenser, and carburetion will be required to get the engine running and broken in.

The body was also stripped and repainted in the “McNamara Special” #73 livery after the Kurtis Kraft, which was built by Frank Kurtis and Lee Elkins for the Indianapolis 500. The tires are brand new and unworn, completing an overall, beautiful presentation for this Continental-powered quarter midget racer.

Photo Credit: Teddy Pieper

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Wolberg McNamara Special Quarter Midget