Qoros Concept

The idea of designing a luxury D class limousine for the Chinese market was given to the talented student at the School of Art & Design in Coventry – Jamie Barrett. He needs to develop a concept design that meets the taste of young metropolitan people in both China and Europe. And yes – every challenge for a designer starts with multiple sketches on paper.

In Jamie’s eyes, a Qoros D-class limousine is designed to incorporate the company’s own styling queues infused with the sophistication of European and Chinese style, a vehicle that changes perception of cars that are built in China, elevating it to a higher and more competitive level. A new style and a powerful look will bring confidence to the brand. Using influences from Chinese architecture and the aviation industry, Jamie has tried to create a striking design that really pushes the design philosophy of the Qoros brand.

The vehicle features many dynamic lines and layered surfaces creating visual interest from every angle, yet still retaining that Qoros identity. The final deliverable is an 1:18 model that gets the attention of the Qoros Design Team, resulting in Jamie landing on his first opportunity as a designer in an international car company, as he always wanted. You can also see the smile on Gert’s face, who, as a mentor, is truly proud of his mentee’s work.

Source: Qoros Press

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Qoros Concept