Mini John Cooper Works Tuning Kit

MINI announced the availability of the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for the all-new MINI Cooper S. The new kit, designed specifically for the Cooper S with a manual transmission and its twin-scroll turbocharged engine, offers increased horsepower and torque over that of the standard model.

The tuning kit is just the latest addition to the successful line of MINIs high performance John Cooper Works accessories which include suspension upgrades, performance wheels and tires, body kits as well as exterior and interior appearance accessories. A John Cooper Works Tuning kit calibrated for the MINI Cooper S with an Automatic transmission will be made available later in the year.

The John Cooper Works Tuning Kit boosts the output of the twin scroll turbocharged engine from 172 to 189 horsepower. Maximum torque is also boosted from 177 foot-pounds between 1,000 and 5,000 rpm to 185 foot-pounds between 1,750 and 5,000 rpm. With MINIs overboost function, peak torque for the kit reaches a temporary level of 200 foot-pounds between 1,750 to 4,500 rpm.

The air box that comes with the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit features a larger aperture to allow more fresh air to enter though a special low restriction filter element. In addition to dramatically increasing the airflow, the new air box creates a more powerful induction sound that compliments the impressive growl from the performance exhaust, also part of the kit.

The enhanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU) programming has been recalibrated to optimize power output and drivability, resulting in lively throttle response and increased acceleration in the mid-range torque band. The reprogramming optimizes the power output by managing all engine control functions including airflow, combustion, fuel delivery and spark advance.

The stainless steel Sport Exhaust System is a parallel-flow, low backpressure system with superb interior and exterior noise quality. The system adds a throatier, more powerful exhaust note, and has distinctive-looking twin chrome exhaust tips engraved with the John Cooper Works logos.

Visual cues for the kit are understated and will appeal to the MINI enthusiast. Unique chrome John Cooper Works badge adorns the front grill and rear deck lid. Under the bonnet the low restriction air box is also distinguished with a John Cooper Works logo.

Source: Mini press

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