Ferrari GTE Concept by Angelo Granata

The Ferrari GTE, which stands for Gran Turismo Evolution is a concept car created to give a worthy successor to the Ferrari Enzo Hypercar produced to celebrate the 55 years of activity of Ferrari in 2002.

The design incorporates the classic themes Ferrari, with soft lines and rounded, giving the GTE an aggressive yet clean and modern, but with numerous references to the past.

A careful study of proportions, combined with the concept of producing a car extreme performance, led to the creation of a low profile and sleek, with dimensions of 4650mm long, 2030mm wide, 1080mm high, and a wheelbase of 2680mm.

The new headlights, are an explicit reference to the legendary Ferrari F40, with two pair of LED headlamps, offering an even greater brightness of Xenon classical systems with less energy expenditure.

The special shape of the muzzle, nicknamed "duck bill" allows the GTE improved downforce at high speeds, while also contributing to lower drag.

The rear has been designed to offer maximum aerodynamic functionality, with the introduction of the new rear spoiler integrated into the body, which can reach a maximum inclination of 15 degrees, providing downforce very close to that of an F1 car.

The new chassis, made entirely of carbon fiber, exploiting all knowledge gained in Formula 1, provides a lower weight than the Enzo (-20%), together with increased torsional rigidity (+27%).

The engine, a true jewel of technology, is the first hybrid Ferrari V12 mated to a dual-clutch seven-speed. With a displacement of 7.3 liter engine 800cv well, plus another 120 hp offered by the system "KERS", a solution already adopted by Formula 1.

Source: Angelo Granata

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