Cam Shaft Ferrari F12berlinetta

Whether the Ferrari F12berlinetta is a worthy successor of the 599, handed out to the customers since 2006, or not, has to be shown. The forecasts for the long distance capable sports car based on experience are quite well anyway.

The rear-wheel drive with a front longitudinally mounted V12 engine and a semi-automatic double-clutch transmission has to offer huge 740 hp (544 kW) and at least impressive 690 Nm of torque from lively 6,262 cm ³ of displacement. The Vmax of 340 km / h was already in-house topped (with 355 km/h by the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari), for the own test track of Ferrari in Fiorano the F12 needed two seconds less than his “rival”, namely a minute and 23 seconds and that is why it is the most powerful street legal Ferrari so far.

The firm CAM SHAFT from Kempen (in the not so far district of the NRW state capital Dusseldorf) specializing in premium car wrapping has obtained the opportunity to tune one of the first copies of the new Italian super-athlete and acts here as the proof that a two-door coupe despite (or especially because of) the very euphonious origin can be really something unique with unattainable recognition, if this is desired.

The Lower Rhine crew has unanimously chosen a sporty elegant mat nuance in Matt Graphite metallic. The foil used here emphasizes the masculine lines of the Ferrari F12berlinetta and sets the automotive force in the limelight. Edges, depressions and curves come with light reflections to their best advantage. The price of the complete foliation is at 2,900 euros - optionally door sills and door edges can be foiled as well for additional 700 euros!

This cherished dream on wheels has four additional i-points. The rims were powder coated in the same color of the foiling by the nationwide well-known in the tuning scene firm AG rim finishing from Krefeld, a partner company of CAM SHAFT. Therefor 700 euros including the mounting were charged by Cam Shaft!

Source: Miranda Media

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