Chevrolet Corvette Big Brake Tanker

Chevrolet built a total of 14,531 Corvettes in 1962, 1,918 of which were equipped with the optional Rochester Ram-Jet fuel injection option that gave the 327 CI engine a whopping 360 HP. Rarer still were the 561 that received RPO276 15x5.5-inch wheels, 246 with RPO687 heavy duty brakes and suspension and just 65 with the RPO488 24-gallon fuel tank. Rarest of all would naturally be the Corvette in possession of all of these options, and it is right here in this stunning 1962 Tuxedo Black-on-Red restored convertible that has retained its entire original drivetrain and optional equipment. A member of the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, it has received Bloomington 24K Gold Certification, NCRS Top Flight and Duntov Mark of Excellence awards and the Chevy Vettefest Triple Crown – all befitting a car that represents the pinnacle of performance in the first generation solid axle era that saw the Corvette become a fully realized performance machine in a class of its own.

Source: Mecum Auctions

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