Lemercier Revelation Concept

Jeremy Lemercier, a 22-year old designer, is an extremely determined and ambitious entrepreneur to watch out for. At the age of 18 he had designed his first car and founded his own company in France. His aim is to establish his brand in the annals of the automobile industry ranking it up there with the most prestigious manufacturers.

A secondary goal close to his heart is to give his compatriots something to be proud of and identity with by means of a French luxury car brand. In his opinion there is no better way to fuel emotions than with a beautiful car. This is a young mastermind with great talent and determination who will burst onto the supercar scene next April at Top Marques 10.

This truly unique Revelation concept previews what Jeremy hopes to becomes a production ready supercar in the Lemercier lineup. The brand itself, modeled after Lemercier's own design and ingenuity, resembles pride his home country of France and a new and unique future for the supercar market.

With a smooth front fascia, halo style headlights and a sharply dressed rear, the Lemercier Revelation is a model that looks very well suited for a spot on the lawn in Monaco next to the top dogs.

Source: Jeremy Lemercier

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