Mercedes-Benz Grand Sports Tourer Vision R Concept

Mercedes-Benz is held the North American debut of its Grand Sports Tourer Vision R concept car during news media activities preceding the North American International Auto Show. With a sharp focus on performance, handling and safety, the Grand Sports Tourer Vision R combines the distinct advantages of several disparate vehicles – the comfort and style of a luxury vehicle, the performance and handling of a fine sports sedan, along with the versatility and all-weather traction of a sport utility. Offering impressive comfort, versatile interior room and lots of practicality, the Grand Sports Tourer Vision R is equally suitable for family, recreational and professional use. Useful technology and innovative design now make possible an automotive decathlete – a vehicle that excels at an unprecedented range of owner needs without sacrificing aesthetics.

Evolving from a concept first presented in 2002, the long-wheelbase Grand Sports Tourer Vision R is designed as a roomy six-seater – three pairs of comfortable single seats finished in leather, in a spacious interior trimmed with aluminium and olive ash wood. The individual seats in both rear rows can each be folded down, and dual sourced flat-screen monitors built into the back of the front head restraints provide entertainment for passengers.

The long-wheelbase show car is about the length of an S-Class. As a dramatic indicator of comfort and roominess, the spacious interior of the Vision R boasts 860 mm between the first and second seat rows, and there’s more than 760 mm between the second and third rows!

The cockpit of the Grand Sports Tourer Vision R features large chronometer gauges housed in aluminium cylinders that are angled slightly inward – reminiscent of classic sports racing cars – and the centre console houses climate control and a COMAND unit that integrates audio, navigation and telephone operation.

The Vision R show car comes with a five-litre V8 producing 302 hp, full-time 4MATIC four-wheel drive, a seven-speed automatic transmission and air suspension.

The Vision R show car is finished in a newly developed ALU-BEAM paint that looks more like polished aluminium than traditional silver paint. Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker worldwide to use this innovative process, which makes use of 100 to 300-nanometer pigments to create the realistic metal-finish effect. The company intends to develop the new paint technology for eventual use on production vehicles.

Source: Mercedes-Benz press

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