Pagani Huayra Roadster Concept by Aldo Maria Sica

Designer Aldo Maria Sica decided to emphasize the '"hull" of the car, distinguishing it sharply with an unpublished belt line that wraps around the new rear air intake going around the cockpit. Inside the drawn area the engine remains evident and a set of three suitcases is housed. the central one is designed to accommodate the roof.

This has the particularity to be composed of two rigid uprights joined by a flexible part, whose outer layer reproposes to the eye and touch the weft of the carbon fiber before it is cooked. The predominant element among the components of the car is so emphasized. Right inside the cockpit you can put the roof in the bag, the opening of which looks to the rear window that can scroll down. Traveling without bags, alternatively, you can take advantage of the flexibility of the roof to seat in the content space between the seats. It will be supported to the rear bulkhead by two straps, correctly to Pagani style.

Finally not forgetting the theme of the flight that the coupe model was highlighted by the gullwing doors, the Pagani Huayra Roadster offers door with scissors opening, so able to spring up too. As regards the color and trim Aldo proposed two examples.

The first shows a fresh color, a white with pink reflections flanked by carbon parts painted with opaque pigments burgundy, as well as the same color is used for the interior and exterior cladding. The second one suggests an autumn feeling, with a soft touch coating asphalt gray with orange nuances. The same orange tone is applied on opaque layer that covers the carbon and on the brake calipers. This time the soft parts are in scorched earth color.

Source: Aldo Maria Sica

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