Hofele Range Rover Sport Royster GT 500

With the launch of the new model generation in early 2013, the Luxury Car Tuner HOFELE-DESIGN from Germany offers a new product range for Range Rover models, which enhances the exclusivity of this car. Based on the already opulent Range Rover created the designer team the particular individual “Royster GT 500”.

The front bumper will get an additional front spoiler and on the side, new designed door panels with “bubbles”, hold off dirt from the doors. In its matt black style the front grille looks more sportive. This fits well, in the same matt black colour, with the new developed rear apron diffusor.

Other strong design elements are the 4-tube stainless steel tailpipes in the style of “interlaced double oval”. These tailpipes simply replace the original tailpipes and are bolted onto the serial Range Rover mufflers. The interaction of these 4-tube tailpipes with the wider diffuser rear apron makes the rear of the Range Rover look very powerful.

Important styling part of the “Royster GT 500” are the brand new Hofele designer-wheel “REVERSO II”, in the sizes 9,0 x 20“ and 10 x 22“.

In the interior Hofele-Design indulges with their own “Bi-Colour“ leather design „Star-Light“. The bi-colour „StarLight“ leather interior has the Hofele-Design style with inserted leather crest, quilted elements and offset decorative stitching. The Germans sales price for the set is 3.900,- € incl. VAT.

The electric lowering module lowers and lifts the Range Rover with air suspension speed-related. While standing and up to a speed of 80 km/h the car is lowered up to 40mm. On speeds over 80 km/h the module is deactivated to retain the serial height to give the chassis its full comfort and reserves on high speeds.

The Land Lord is in a hurry, but what presses the royal passengers into the elegant seats in the sportive interior?

The engine tuning from HOFELE for the various versions of the new Range Rover models offers a rise up of motor power of about 20 %. Hofele-Design increases the power of the Range Rover SDV8 4.4 ltr from 339 HP up to 410 HP and the torque from 600 Nm up to 720 Nm. This is a real steam hammer!

Source: Hofele Press

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