Audi R8 China Edition

We totally agree with winning through quantity, but it’s a small quantity. We’ve spent more time creating the rare Audi R8 China Edition, and hope it glow in your hands. There are only 80 such cars. It’s not important if it’s rare, the important thing is that if you own it.

With exclusive colors, LED headlight, ultra-light high strength carbon fiber, 19" wheel hubs in 5 twin-spoke “Y” design and the spoiler in carbon matt, people will love it at the first sight and be eager to drive it.

Ultimate luxury is one thing, and being incomparable is another. Indeed, the luxury here is excessive to most people. Shark skin and colored stitching, handbrake and steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, instrument shield in carbon matt, aluminum gear knob engraved with an exclusive number…Sorry, we only can reveal so much. However, the work of masters can’t be explained in one sentence.

Source: Audi Press

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Audi R8 China Edition