It tips the scales at only 540 kg (1,190 lbs).

Caterham is expanding the ‘Seven’ family by adding a new ‘310’ version featuring an upgraded 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine massaged to deliver an additional 17 horsepower (13 kilowatts). It now churns 152 hp (113 kW) and enables the car to hit 60 mph (96 kph) from a standstill in as little as 4.8 seconds before maxing out at 127 mph (204 kph).

Based on the existing Seven 270, the new kid on the block also marks the debut of optional LED headlights which Caterham says will soon be available across the range. If you already have a Seven 270, the good news is you’ll be able to upgrade it to ‘310’ specification for only £1,495 and the car will keep the same 540 kg (1,190 lbs) weight.

A fully-built 310 is going to set you back £24,995. If you would rather assemble the car yourself, you’ll save £3,000. An R package priced at £3,995 adds a limited-slip differential, Avon ZZS tires, a lightweight flywheel, sports suspension, composite race seats, shift lights, and a rear anti-roll bar. On top of that, you can spend another £2,500 and get the optional six-speed, close-ratio manual gearbox.

Orders are already being taken, with deliveries programmed to begin early 2017.

The Sussex-based specialty marque is really happy with how the Seven 310 has turned out to be, saying “if Caterham was only going to make one car for the rest of its days, this would be it.”

Source: Caterham

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