Lorinser Mercedes-Benz M-Class

A masculine entry - Sportservice Lorinser presents its newest wide-body version of the Mercedes-Benz ML.

Manufacturing of the highest technical level, in conjunction with master craftsmanship and the finest materials - that's the quality benchmark produced by Lorinser with the wide-body version of the ML. Harmoniously designed aerodynamic components and striking light-alloy wheels make up the base, high-quality accessories and stylish interior fittings complement the range.

Lorinser has used cutting edge manufacturing techniques for its extensive bodywork modifications. Whether front or rear bumper, side-skirts or those at the front of the vehicle and rear 30 Millimeter widening mudguards - all components have been manufactured in lightweight construction. The Lorinser wide-build documents sophisticated aerodynamics packaged in a spectacular look: Large air inlets on the
newly designed front ensure an optimum flow of fresh air into the drive unit.

Striking 10x22 inch RS9 light-alloy wheels and 295/30/22 size Yokohama tires fit perfectly under the wider mudguard.

The light-alloy wheels are accentuated by progressively wound suspension springs that lower the centre of gravity of the ML on the front and rear axles by up to 40 millimeters. Lorinser developed a set for manual lowering for models that come equipped with Airmatic as standard.

To complement the existing, factory-offered interior fittings there is everything you need to get the pulse racing - from personalized floor mats set right through to complete leather upholstery. All fitting details are manufactured to the highest level of craftsmanship and precision.

Testing has already led to powerful performance improvements as well as exhaust systems with a sporty sound.

Source: Lorinser press

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