MR Car Design Volkswagen Passat CC

The four-door coupé from Volkswagen called the Passat CC (this stands for Comfort Coupe) was first introduced in Detroit in 2008 and it was put into his cradle, that he fills at least a part of the gap between the conventional Passat and the Phaeton by means of an increased security level, in any case this were the ideas of the makers.

To enhance the image of the supposed usual car, which couldn't be shaken off despite intense efforts, the firm MR Car Design from Erfstadt has decided to become the Lord over this performance problem.

The all-wheel drive Volkswagen CC, as he is officially called since the beginning of 2012, goes from house with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, i.e. equipped with 300 Series hp at 350 Nm of torque, as well as with all-wheel drive. After an extensive treatment a la HGP Turbo Upgrade GmbH, Ohmden (BW) at the Service Point Cologne (MR Car Design), impressive 502 hp and 700 Nm of max. Torque are available, so perfect conditions for the famous wolf in the even more famous sheep's clothing! Also the installed exhaust system by MR Car Design had to endure some modifications.

In addition to a DDC coilover suspension (with a motorized damper system for DCC chassis) made by KW, the Comfort Coupe is equipped with a wheel and tire combination of a special kind: Good "transparent" Ultraleggera wheels in the dimension of 8x18 ET35 by OZ were fitted with tires in in 235/40-18. Of course the braking system has been adapted to the new power relationships.

So on the front axle the Stoptech ST-40 brakes fulfill their duty with grooved 355 x 32 mm discs, including their Stahlbus valves. At the rear axle EBC Brakes act in combination with Stahlflex and also Stahlbus valves. At the front and the rear stabilizers by H&R have been installed for a more precise turn-in. Finally the CC had also to endure a wheel load wheel alignment in order to get the best optimization of the driving dynamics.

The result: A Volkswagen with so much power, almost a guarantee for the long-term use of the fast lane...

Source: Miranda Media

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