Ferrari Flusso Concept

The Ferrari Flusso was a project created by Marc Devauze, Alexandre Labruyere and Vianney Brecheisen at the International Design School in India for the Ferrari World Design Challenge 2011.

The Ferrari Flusso is a supercar created to the user the possibility to create their very own supercar, where, in a world where even if you are a billionaire, your neighbor can own the same Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari Enzo as you do.

To be sure each Flusso is designed to each personal specification, each model was built on stage Zero, and depending of your driving skills, the style of your aerodynamic flow will not be the same
as others who may have a different driving style.

Each car will be 100% adapted to the driver, meeting your special driving needs 100%.

Source: Marc Devauze

Gallery: Ferrari Flusso Concept