Bugatti TypeZero Concept

The Project Bugatti Type zero, was a project done at International School of Design France by Marc Devauze, Anton Lawrence, Victor, Emeric Baubant, Yaniss tebaibi and Geoffrey Texier (3D modeling).

The aim of this project is to create a supercar on the same level of mechanical attraction as supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini with electrical propulsion.

For this, the designers decided to create a hypercar elitist by the price, but also by the level of complexity to drive it; to create a new kind of gentleman driver like in the 30's with the type 35 pilots. The idea of the car is to make feel to the user the electrical activities around him.

Thanks to electrical technologies we can put the driver in the middle of the mechanical area, to give him the feeling of the air blowing the heat of the battery, the vibration of the KERS
to the rotation of the engine and to create the same kind of mechanical attraction as a thermic engine.

The design is clearly inspired by the Bugatti 35 type, an ultra simple barchetta, with no compromise made for performance, with a direct relation with the mechanics.

Source: Marc Devauze

Bugatti TypeZero Concept