Jaguar C-X3 Concept by Sukhveer Sihra

With BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi all gaining success in the C-segment market with their 1-Series, A-Class and A3, Jaguar has yet to be a top competitor in the new market since the failure of the X-Type sedan.

As the British company looks to further expand their range possibly back into this market, London transportation designer Sukhveer Sihra re-imagined a C-segment Jag with the introduction of his C-X3 concept.

Targeting the luxury small hatchbacks and sedans of today, Sukhveer says that the concept, “is a study of Jaguar’s possibility of evolving its design language towards a C-segment vehicle, but sticking to the core values of luxury and sports performance with an exclusive feel.”

The overall look of the design of the new Jag, Sukhveer hopes, captures all the aspects of the current Jaguar name, and includes an evolution into the more fruitful C-segment vehicle market.

Source: Sukhveer Sihra

Jaguar C-X3 Concept by Sukhveer Sihra