Hamann BMW 6-Series M Sport

After the presentation of the individualization program for the BMW 6-Series (F12 and F13) by Hamann Motorsport in 2011, the Laupheimer have now developed exclusive parts for the M aerodynamic package.

The Hamann aerodynamics components are adapted to the original M aerodynamic front and rear valances. At the front, a competition front spoiler is used, which increases the down-force. At the back an insert for the rear bumper offers space for four exhaust tailpipes.

All the other enhancements already introduced in 2011, such as front bumper, rear spoiler, tailgate cover and side skirts, of course remain in the program and are also available for the 6-series (F12 and F13) with M aerodynamic packet.

Source: Hamann Press

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Hamann BMW 6-Series M Sport