Apple iGo by Shane Baxley

Since the year 2000, California based technology company Apple has been producing some of the most sought after personal computer, iPods and cell phones, but not until now has an autonomous vehicle been so creatively imagined than with the iGo.

Designed to incorporate every aspect of your busy lifestyle, the iGo can be transformed into three different mobile units; iMe, iWe and iUs. Each of these, provide a personalized autonomous driving experience for the passengers and allows for unbridled technology while on the go.

Controlled by Apple’s Cloud Network, Shane says that this will control nearly 70% of vehicles on the road at the time.

Through the use of a Tesla-sourced electric motor, the iGo is said the reach 62mph in only 5.0 seconds.

Source: Shane Baxley

Apple iGo by Shane Baxley