Cam Shaft Porsche Carrera GT

The firm CAM SHAFT from the Lower Rhine Kempen (near Dusseldorf) presents the new, brilliant stone chipping protector ST 150 from BRUXSAFOL, Hammelburg (Bavaria).

Apparently the idea of value preservation by protective foil asserts itself. Not only automobile exotics like McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini are the object of desire, but also the entire middle class to the Mini is “concerned”.

In the present case the Porsche Carrera GT, the supercar manufactured from 2003 to 2006 in the Saxon Leipzig, had to serve as the guinea pig. The engine hood, the front bumper, the complete (two-part) fenders, the lower side skirts and the carbon entrances are laminated for protection. Contrary to conventional Color Change foils this protective foil is not made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), but PU (polyurethane), a softer and more absorbent material. The transparent adhesive foil was originally developed for the airline industry for the protection of propellers and rotor blades against foreign objects. The new foils are characterized by their extremely
high transparency and they provide nearly invisible protection while
achieving a fantastic depth effect of the original paint.

Of course the gluing of the PU stone chipping protection foil requires quite special installation skills, which are not comparable to those for conventional PVC films for car wrapping.

Through the production in a film width of 152 centimeters, full-surface adhesive bonds of engine hoods for example are possible. With the previously known foils it was only possible in half-width and thus an unpleasant film edge was visible in the middle of the engine hood. Furthermore, the material thickness of 150 μ is the ideal compromise between protection and ideal processing option. To get right to the point: The by CAM SHAFT presented
here BRUXSAFOL-stone chipping protection foil is the perfect paint
protection for car enthusiasts and frequent travelers, but also for leased vehicles. It is also perfect for loading sills on station wagons and SUVs.

Source: Miranda Media

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