Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600

The Bulgarian designer studio Vilner became the author of a second project for Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has previously passed through the hands of the tuning company Hennessey in USA, where the vehicle power was increased to 600 h.p.

This time, in Grand Cherokee SRT600's interior, red and black Alcantara is combined with black leather, trimmed with ornamental red seams. As usually, everything is made under an individual
project, developed in advance.

Special attention is paid to the vehicle's steering-wheel. Its design is created under the order of the particular client and its shape is changed to provide the most comfortable grip possible for this client. The steering-wheel is dressed in red Alcantara and black punched leather.

For their second project for Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Bulgarian custom specialists have also transformed the external lights of the vehicle. Additional lens and day LED lights are installed in the head-lights and the halogens are also with diodes.

Source: Vilner Press

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