SEAT Axon Concept by Alvaro Molero

The SEAT Axon Concept is a singular two seats sport light roadster, designed for a near future where a world of mega cities full of pollution and autonomous urban cars, don’t allow people to feel the freedom of driving. It is a car thought to escape from the city and to spend time driving.

The design is inspired by the cheetah, for its speed, agility and athletic body. It also has a very clean open-top shape reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s formula one cars. It also follows the SEAT Design language on its dynamics lines, the front grill and the LED lights style. Besides, it is like a watch where you can see all the mechanical parts; this is reflected on the wheels, which are out of the body to keep the free space between them to show the suspension, axle and the engines.

The SEAT Axon is powered by four electric in–wheel motors. Thanks to its set up, weight balance is the optimum and it gives the car a perfect distribution of the power each wheel, this permits the driver have the control of the car in all conditions. The final weight of the vehicle is less than 800kg, due to the use of light materials in the body and carbon fiber for aerodynamic elements, the compact size (less than 4 meters large, almost 2 meters width and one meter height) and a clearly interior without unnecessary elements, just to be focus in drive. For all these reasons the Axon is very agile, fast and fun, designed to use over mountain roads or on a race track.

Each in–wheel motor is illuminated depending on the way it works. The green light is on when you are driving in the eco mode, using low quantities of energy; it turns to the blue light during the time you are stop waiting to start; and the orange light is for the maximum power mode, when you are racing or driving very fast. So, this allows people who go ahead you to know how you are coming.

You have many possibilities to personalize your Axon, combining many different colors for rims, aerodynamic parts, engines and interior elements. And finally, the new SEAT Box System offers the possibility to keep the car in your favorite circuit, supported by a group of SEAT mechanical engineers to take it when you want to feel the emotion of drive it.

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