A Brazilian engineer has been in the news all over the world for being punished for something impossible. Rafael de Andrade owns a 1-litre VW Gol and has been fined for driving at 880 km/h. Although the fastest cars in the world are only now reaching 400 km/h, the traffic department from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, refuses to cancel the fine. Andrade also refuses to pay. If it was not enough, the lawyer Jucelei Tavares Menezes has been fined for behaving even worse: in 2001, a radar caught him at 4,800 km/h!

Menezes was also driving a VW Gol, but it had a 1,6-litre engine, what would help to explain the difference in the speed, but what we really think that was the cause for the supersonic feat was the fact that Menezes’ Gol was part of a Rolling Stones limited edition. Rock and roll, baby!

The good side of the story is that the traffic department in Blumenau, the city where Menezes lives, has recognised its mistake and canceled the fine with no further discussions. Almeida, on the other hand, is still trying to argue with Niteroi’s traffic department. In Brazil, fines have a rule to be revised: the first request for canceling it is for free. If it is denied, there is still a second chance, but you have to pay the fine in the first place. If the fine is canceled, you can have your money back. Andrade has already made the first request for canceling the fine. Incredibly, the traffic department has refused it…

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