Gardner Douglas T70

Stand back for a second and admire the overtly muscular lines, then open the driver's door and slide into the race inspired cockpit with its purposeful aluminium panelling and wraparound aero screen. Twist the ignition, press the starter button and pure American thunder awakes behind you.

The ride is encouragingly supple for such a track-inspired machine, making it equally at home on small back roads as it is on the open circuit. The steering isn't compromised by the weight of a front-mounted engine or the sense-numbing 'creature comfort' of power steering - precise, direct and reassuringly full of feel, it is a tactile delight. And then there's the power.

Even in standard tune, the Chevrolet V8 engine delivers thumping performance in the lightweight GDT70, accompanied by an aural assault that only comes from multi cylinders and big capacity. The T70's mid-engined configuration ensures that all the power is transmitted to the tarmac with the minimum of fuss - traction is incredible.

Running through a Porsche transaxle the driver’s side sill-mounted gear shift is utterly precise. For those more used to a conventionally located central gear change it's a dramatic part of the T70's appeal.

While experiencing the GDT70's ultimate capabilities is best left to the safety of a race circuit or professionally organized track day, the car's more rounded nature makes it equally at home on public roads. The supple ride soaks up all that today's typically poor surfaces can throw at it while the big V8 engine is equally at home lazing about at 1200rpm as it is tearing around at 6000rpm. All in all, it's the perfect combination to ensure you get the very best out of a GDT70 whether it's on the race circuit or road.

For many years, GDs were typically fitted with iron block carburettor or aluminium small block V8 engines, these are still a popular choice for the home builder. However, in 2004, with the introduction of GM’s new generation of V8s, GD became the first low volume manufacturer to test and fully adopt these superb engines, now widely considered to be the best small block V8 of modern times.

Consistent with our mission to make the most modern performing cars, this engine series has proved to be the perfect choice. Five years on and many GD owners are enjoying, daily, the incredibly smooth low down power and effortless reliability that these engines offer. Importantly, GD has always been fully compliant with all SVA and the latest IVA regulations to ensure that owners have trouble free maintenance and servicing. When choosing a sports car of this type, compliance with all low volume manufacturing legislation has a crucial, positive effect on future values.

Not only is the GDT70 chassis as rigid, strong and light as you might expect, but the design incorporates vital safety features to give you maximum peace of mind. As well as front and rear crash resistance, the T70 has fully triangulated side pontoons which offer superb side impact protection. A steel panelled front bulkhead provides exceptional object intrusion resistance. A single foam-filled fuel cell also offers increased resistance to puncture and subsequent ignition. The roll-over bar is fully triangulated and cross-braced to meet current race regulations.

Taking full advantage of the company's racing heritage, Gardner Douglas has designed a bespoke suspension package for the T70 that not only performs perfectly on the track, but also offers exceptional road manners. With a compliant and responsive set-up it means you can get the best out of the car, whatever your aspirations.

Source: Gardner Douglas

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