SR Auto Group Lamborghini Aventador Eternal

Following up from yesterdays behind the scenes tour, we are ecstatic to release the official never before seen photos of Project Eternal. Shot in our prestigious brand new showroom, Project Eternal fits right at home on SR grounds.

A set of modern black PUR 4OUR’s are paired with the stunning nero nemesis exterior for an eternal look. The Aventador has one of the widest rear ends we have seen, and because of this PUR was able to engineer an astonishing concave profile. Precise offsets give Project Eternal a flush stance without compromising any of its remarkable handling. The wheels measure to a staggered diameter of nineteen inch in the front and twenty inch in the rear.

No matter which angle we look at Project Eternal from, it is undoubtedly one of the best looking cars to grace our showroom. It was a pleasure to have this unforgettable machine step foot into our building.

Source: SR Auto Group Press

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SR Auto Group Lamborghini Aventador Eternal