Ford Mustang Restomod - Silver

Assembled in Ford’s California plant and originally delivered to Los Angeles, this rust-free 1965 Ford Mustang received an extreme makeover at the Restomod Shop of Stockton, CA in what is believed to be the largest investment ever on a Ford’s first-year Pony car. Now sporting Silver and Blue paint over an extensive body modification kit and undercarriage “brace and tie” package, it runs under the power of a Roush Racing-built 325/425 HP Ford small block V-8 mated to a TCI-shifted automatic overdrive transmission, and hauls down from speed using Shelby/Baer 4-wheel disc brakes. Occupants are treated to a custom interior with Sparco seats and belts, power windows, Vintage Air and an awesome CD sound and alarm system.

Part of the Mecum Auction in Anaheim in November, 2012

Source: Mecum Auctions

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