Tesla C Concept by Dejan Hristov

The Tesla C is a city concept car. It is a modern design that sports the image of a city car equipped with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. This concept car has glass top which contributes to the futuristic look of the design.

The rear and side doors are big, wide and ideal for accessing the back seats and trunk. The doors are equipped with innovative opening mechanism.

The rear bumper contributes to the concept's harmonistic design - it is both sleek and purposeful. The bumper pulls out like a drawer, allowing for easy access to the spare wheel. The same construction can be used for transporting bikes and other cargo.

Along with the standard Tesla C Concept, Hristov begins to develop the Tesla C GT model - a concept car which features a larger kw-h battery park / electric motor, bigger wheels, wider arches, and updated bumpers.

Source: Dejan Hristov

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