Honda Bisimoto Accord Coupe Grand Touring

Bisimoto Engineering is known worldwide for awe-inspiring street, show and race vehicles. With no fear of the unknown, Bisimoto is always on the cutting edge of automotive technology. The Bisimoto 2013 Accord Coupe Grand Touring was no exception with luxurious Euro-inspired chassis elements, and modifications. This ninth-generation coupe retains the eco friendly attributes of the Earth Dreams concept, while Bisimoto engine and exhaust enhancements increase the V-6 power output to an amazing 401hp.

owertrain Modifications:
Nitrous Express (NX) wet shot chemical supercharger system
NGK Iridium spark plugs
PurOl "Elite Series" Synthetic Motor Oils
Bisimoto Cat-back exhaust system
Burns Stainless mufflers
Bisimoto 360 degree Oil Cap

Chassis/Suspension Modifications:
JNF Chromoly roll cage
Progress coil suspension and sway bar
Buddy Club P1 Racing II Plus 19x9.5 aluminum wheels
Falken Azenis FK453 245/40ZR-19 tires
Buddy club P1 Racing lug nuts
Buddy Club Racing Spec Monoblock Calipers
Buddy Club Racing Spec Brake Rotors

Exterior Modifications:
Gatorwrap custom laminated body wrap
Bisimoto Accord GT Decal Pack kit
Bisimoto Accord GT Ghost Emblem Kit
Denmatic design scheme
Honda Factory Performance® (HFP®) side skirts, rear and front fascia kit
Carbon Creations GT Concept 2 Wing

Interior Modifications:
Bisimotowerks GT3 racing seats
Bisimotowerks Leather wrapped, hand stitched roll cage
Bisimoto reservoir socks
G&J braided lines

All modification information listed was provided by the vehicle builders and has not been confirmed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. The modifications to these vehicles may void the manufacturer's warranty, may not be legal for street driving in all 50 states and have not been specifically suggested, recommended or approved by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Source: Honda Press

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