Ford Falcon Sprint

1965 Ford Falcon Sprint: A redesign changed the Falcon's looks for 1964. The new look was more squared-off, more modern, as Ford pursued the youth market. Later in 1964, Ford's new offering for that market was launched: the Ford Mustang, based heavily on the Falcon's unitized frame design but with no compromises about its youthful, fun intention. For the 1964 year Ford added a Sprint Package which gave the Falcon the 260 V8, a stiffer suspension, and a louder exhaust. Because the Mustang had the same options that the Sprint had for only a small amount more the Sprint never caught on. Even with the addition of the 289 V8 in late 64 the Sprint was overshadowed by the Mustang, and was discontinued after 1965. The Mustang dealt Falcon sales in North America a blow from which they would never recover. Front suspension was coil springs pivot-mounted on upper arms plus double-acting absorbers. Production ended on June 26 of 1965 for convertible Falcons. A padded instrument panel, seat belts, power steering, power brakes, a radio, a remote-control trunk release and a parking brake warning light were optional.

From 1965, the three-speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission was available. Front seat-belts were standard.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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