DMC Porsche Cayenne Terra 650

German Luxury Tuner DMC presents a tuned Porsche Cayenne 958 at the Top Marques Monaco show.

DMC's core focus is and will always be Lamborghini Tuning. However, dealers of the Duesseldorf based refiner, reported that a growing number of Bull owners bring in their Gallardo or Aventador using a Panamera or Cayenne as their daily common car.

While waiting to pick up or drop-off their italian Super-Car, clients usually spend some time in which DMC is now targeting an opportunity for cross sales. Presenting DMC's Porsche Line, which parts can be installed in as little as 1-2 hours, as its components simply exchange for the original items. Naturally, there won't be any replacement bumpers due to the need for painting, but aerodynamic lines are definitely underlined by spoilers and diffusers.

To kick-off the new project, DMC chose none else than the over popular Porsche Cayenne 958, and called the kit "Terra 650". The set consists of 6 core body parts that are all made of 100% carbon fiber, as well as an improved engine performance.

The front-hood is the most significant part of the kit, with aggressive styling, thanks to the vents. Bigger Side skirts make the car's profile stand out while being complimented by the Side Mirrors. On the rear, a new wing spoiler, elegant, subtle and not too big improves aerodynamics and is sitting right above the brand new trunk trim.

On the Engine Performance Side, DMC decided to provide an upgraded Turbo Charger. Instead of taking apart the engine, the DMC product features a Bolt-On improved Turbo Charger with Turbine wheels made of Titanium-Aluminium. This helps reducing the inertia and thus gives a much better gas response. Fitted with DMC's brand new compressor wheels, the airflow is max. 10% larger than the original Turbo Chargers. The result is an increased power of 641 hp (650 ps) instead of the original 493 hp (500 ps).

Source: DMC press

DMC Porsche Cayenne Terra 650