Bentley Continental T

In the early- and mid-1950s, Bentley used the Continental name on a series of sporting coupés built, first on the R-Type and then on the S-Type chassis. These beautiful new coupés offered superior performance and handling without making any compromise on luxury. The essential formula hadn’t changed when the short-wheelbase Bentley Continental T was introduced in 1999. Here was a big, beautiful, and well-appointed coupé that would carry four people and luggage in comfort and at speeds best left unmentioned. Although this is a large car, weighing in at 5,400 pounds, it is extremely rapid, thanks to the 420 horsepower generated by its turbocharged 6.8-litre engine. But what really moves this car with alacrity is the stupendous 650 foot-pounds of torque, which comes in at a low 2,200 rpm. Thanks to careful electronic suspension tuning and powerful disc brakes with ABS, the Continental T is also very rapid to turn, and it stops as well as it goes.

Part of the RM Auction event in London, 2012.

420 bhp, 6,800 cc turbocharged overhead valve fuel-injected V-8 engine, four-speed automatic transmission, independent front suspension via upper and lower wishbones and coil springs, self-levelling independent rear suspension via McPherson struts, and four-wheel power-assisted ABS disc brakes. Wheelbase: 120.5 in.

Source: RM Auctions
Photo credit: Simon Clay

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Bentley Continental T