JE Design Seat Leon

Seat turned the Leon a bit sportier by giving him a new facelift. Modest design adjustments give the brawny Spaniard a more dynamic appearance. JE DESIGN follows this line and turns the modified model into a thoroughbred sports car. At the same time as the new Leon is introduced to the market, the refiner also offers his entire Leon facelift program.

Especially the entire aerodynamics kit is responsible for this metamorphosis. The front spoiler, the side skirts and the rear apron attachment in carbon look give the brawny Spaniard a significantly sportier appearance.

When the aerodynamics kit is not enough yet, you can add the rear wing and a matt black grill with a grid insert which shows no Seat nameplate. Matching headlights masks are also available. They give the Leon a fierce look. A special feature is the hood scoop with air inlet blinds. They make every JE-DESIGN Leon unique.

The especially produced wheels Multispoke are visually and technically a highlight in car refinement. JE DESIGN offers the wheel sets in 17, 18 and 19 inches in shadow-silver and matt black with a silver rim. In order to place the wheels deep into their casing, sport springs lower the Leon by 35 millimeters at the front and 15 millimeters at the back. For individual lowering up to 65 millimeters, the refiner offers a coilover kit (979 euro).

JE DESIGN offers two ways to obtain the matching sound to this look: Either the exhaust system ends in a stainless steel centre double pipe or altogether four stainless steel pipes (two on the left and two on the right) render an earthy sound. JE DESIGN offers the matching rear apron attachment for both models.

JE DESIGN turned the unobtrusive Leon into a self-confident car. Moreover the refiner confirms that it is one of the fastest companies on the market. Immediately after the car is introduced, the entire program can be obtained as well.

Source: JE Design

JE Design Seat Leon