JE Design Audi Q7

What do you get when JE DESIGN combines its special paintwork “Red Rocket” with its Audi Q7 aerodynamics kit “Street Sport”? JE DESIGN “Street Rocket”! An elegant luxury vehicle with integrated show-effect.

The JE DESIGN “Street Rocket” gets its really sporty look from the body construction set "Street Sport." JE DESIGN unites a new front spoiler, double headlights including headlight shutters, side rocker panels and a new lower back apron extension to create an appearance bursting with dynamic energy. It harmonizes perfectly with the Audi lines making the refined Q7 continue to radiate its typical elegance. The JE DSIGN double trapezoid tail pipes in chromium-plated stainless steel present a further highlight. The LED door exit lights on the vehicle underside (rocker panels x 5 / lower back aprons x 6), are guaranteed to steal the show, particularly at night.

JE DESIGN offers a performance improvement via a modified motor management for the 3.0 V6-TDI. JE DESIGN improves the series data, increasing the performance from 171 kW/233 PS and 500 Nm to 210 kW/285 PS and 550 Nm, giving the heavyweight more superiority. This produces top speeds of 210 to 219 km/h. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h improves from 9.1 to 8.4 seconds. Customers also do not need to worry about compliance with emission testing regulations. For those in a hurry, JE DESIGN can modify the 4.2 V8 petrol engine by adding a compressor. 500 PS speak for themselves.

Powerful vehicles need powerful wheels. The new JE DESIGN WHEEL “SUV-Select” fulfills this need with style. This shiny wheel with its solid, timeless five-spoke design not only matches up perfectly to the vehicle type “SUV” with its name, it also has the perfect size, measuring 10x22” ET 55 (pitch circle 5x130). The single piece cast wheel "SUV-Select" is offered by JE DESIGN in the "black lusterless/ front silver lusterless” and “shadow silver / front silver gloss” models.

The strong outward appearance of the JE DESIGN “Street Rocket” is rounded off with the stainless steel adjustable suspension “Street Comfort” which guarantees the appropriate level of comfort, even with sporty handling. As an alternative, JE DESIGN offers an electronic lowering system for vehicles with air suspension.

The car hi-fi components are integrated into various made-to-measure casings. The work includes the roof console and the tweeter and subwoofer housing, both with Alcantara covers. The amplifier console is also made-to-measure and, upon request, the trunk floor panel can be modified so that it displays the name of the sound system. Optionally, a transparent, illuminated Plexiglas pane can be installed which enables the built-in technology to be viewed.

Source: JE Design press

JE Design Audi Q7