Valmet Dawn EV Concept

Valmet Automotive, a leading service provider for the automotive industry, applies a two-fold approach to EV engineering. The company is reinforcing the R&D efforts, while simultaneously complementing them with an integrator role.

Valmet Automotive is an established global pioneer in electric mobility, both in engineering and manufacturing. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, Valmet Automotive has made electric vehicle engineering a strategic focus area.

EV engineering has reorganized and extended its resources to meet the requirements of the two-fold approach. Firstly, in component engineering, R&D focus is on drivetrains and batteries. Valmet Automotive also intends to establish an EV Software Competence Center. Secondly, Valmet Automotive focuses on EV engineering as a solution integrator. With generally low level of component and solution standardization in EVs, a capable integrator is a valuable asset to both established and startup companies.

“For decades, automotive industry has leaned on highly standardized solutions. Now they are no longer applicable; the powertrain for example must be engineered for every EV model separately” comments Markus Hirvonen, Project Manager, Valmet Automotive.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Valmet Automotive presents its competences in EV engineering in a unique way. The demonstrator “Dawn” integrates both the component developer and integrator roles. Displaying the battery pack, drivetrain, control unit and charging options, it also shows what ultimately can be achieved in the world of electric mobility, by integrating solutions in an innovative fashion.

Source: Valmet press

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