Dodge Custom 880

For 1963, the Custom 880 returned with a full offering of body styles, and a new base model, simply named the 880. Chrysler-branded cars were redesigned for 1963, leaving the 880’s body unique to Dodge, although the car was still produced alongside the now totally different Chrysler.

In what must have been near-record time, Dodge designers created an entirely new look for the car ahead of the cowl, fronted by a new convex grille in the shape of a very long oval. Straighter front fenders flanked a hood with a depressed central section featuring the Dodge name in block letters above the grille. Designers cleverly integrated the new Chrysler's front bumper into the design as well.

At the rear there was less change, although the car received restyled taillights. Set in heavy chromed housings, they were mounted to the carryover quarter panels and imparted a Dodge familial appearance to the rear, as one of Dodge's styling hallmarks of the time was round taillights.

The new base-model 880 station wagons utilized the pillared body in both six and nine passenger models, while the Custom-series wagons featured the pillarless hardtop design. With Chrysler no longer using the body and its interior trim elements, Custom 880s were better appointed than they had been during the 1962 model year.

A total of 28,200 vehicles were produced for 1963, of which 5,600 were station wagons.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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