Dodge Custom 880

Without lead time sufficient to develop an all new full-sized Dodge, Chrysler approved the sharing of the full-size body used by the Chrysler Newport and the non-letter 300 series. The models were differentiated by mating a modified 1961 Dodge Polara front clip to the Newport's definned rear quarter panels and passenger compartment. This body sharing allowed Dodge to launch the car in January 1962.

The only visible cue at the front of the car that was different from the 1961 Dodge was the addition of Dodge’s new three-pointed "Fratzog" emblem in place of the stylized star bar from the 1961 Polara. From the rear, the 1962 Custom 880 was identical to the Chrysler Newport except for Dodge badging.

The model name Custom 880 was derived from Dodge’s numerical sub-model naming structure that was also used on the Dart and sportier models of the Polara, although the model designation was not physically present on the car. Only "Dodge" badges on the rear quarter panels and decklid of the car were applied. A six-way power seat was optional.

For the short 1962 run, the Custom 880 was available as a four-door sedan, two- or four-door hardtop, a two-door convertible, and a choice of six- or nine-passenger station wagons which featured Chrysler’s hardtop styling.

Despite its late arrival, the Custom 880 proved to be a success. A total of 17,500 vehicles were produced, earning sales that Dodge would have otherwise lost.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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