Oldsmobile 442 W-30

First introduced in 1966, the W30 package was the pinnacle of Oldsmobile 442 performance, the 1970 version of which is today regarded as the baddest Oldsmobile of all time. Priced at a hefty $321.23 and described as suited “for performance enthusiasts only”, the W30 442 incorporated a factory balanced and blueprinted 455/370 HP Rocket High Compression engine with Force Air induction, special high-lift camshaft, 750 cfm Rochester carburetor, aluminum intake manifold and clutch fan, all proudly announced by a dual-intake fiberglass hood, “442” and “W-30” badging and special body striping.

Part of the Mecum Auction in St. Charles in October, 2012

Source: Mecum Auctions

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