Ferrari 250 GT Low Roof Berlinetta

Enzo Ferrari’s passion was building racing cars; however by 1950 he had come to the conclusion that exclusive road going coupes and convertibles would have to be constructed by the company. There was demand from wealthy followers of Ferrari on the track, and construction of road cars would help fund the racing effort. Early cars were bodied by such coachbuilders as Vignale, Ghia of Turin and Touring of Milan. Ferrari believed that the success of the Scuderia on the racing circuits of the world would attract a customer base for high-performance luxury cars. He was right!

Early Ferrari road cars were built in very small numbers, usually to special customer order, and there was no attempt at standardization. A significant change occurred in 1954 when the Pinin Farina-designed Ferrari 250 Europa GT was launched at the Paris Show. It was Ferrari’s first true production model and the foundation for all of Ferrari’s future 250 models.

The second series of cars, again designed by Pinin Farina, was unveiled at the Geneva Salon in March 1956. Pinin Farina only produced the first few prototypes of this car. At this time the Turin-based coachbuilder was in the process of building a new, much larger production facility, but until it was completed the company would not have the required space to build cars in the quantities now required.

The work was given to another studio, Carrozzeria Boano, headed by Stabilimenti Farina, Pinin Farina and Carrozzeria Ghia designer, Mario Felice Boano. Boano built 67 cars which had slight styling changes to the five cars that Pinin Farina had made; the most notable being a lower wing line. Boano joined Fiat in 1957 as head of design, and Ezio Ellena, Boano’s son-in-law, took over production under the banner of Carrozzeria Ellena. Again there were minor cosmetic changes, in particular a higher roof which prompted the use of the terms “high roof” for the Ellena and “low roof” for the Boano.

Source: Hexagon Classics Press

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