Hyundai Veloster Race Concept

Hyundai Motor Company Australia has today revealed a striking nod to its racing pedigree with the presentation of their Veloster Race Concept car. With a hint of possible plans to hit the tarmac in Australia in 2013, the Veloster Race Concept has been engineered to meet all FIA and CAMS tarmac rally competition regulations and requirements.

Veloster Race Concept has been developed in Australia by a specialist engineering team to withstand the extreme rigour of tarmac rally racing. Stripped down to a body shell and rebuilt to exacting standards by a dedicated team, using Hyundai technical and engineering know-how combined with contracted motorsport race specialists. The project was led by the same technical team that conduct all ride and handling tuning for Hyundai production vehicles in Australia.

The Veloster Race Concept appears in tarmac rally specification; however, minor modifications would make the Concept eligible for Australia Production GT, Australia Rally Championship or Asia Pacific Rally competitions.

"The Veloster Race Concept is an excellent example of Hyundai's New Thinking. New Possibilities brand philosophy in action," said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Marketing Director Oliver Mann. "The Concept demonstrates Hyundai local in-house engineering and technical know-how at its best, and is a very exciting addition to the brand lineup at the Australian International Motor Show."

The Veloster Race Concept is under study for potential competition and Hyundai expects to make an announcement in 2013.

Source: Hyundai Press

Hyundai Veloster Race Concept