Bristol Fighter T

Bristol introduced the Fighter T to complement the Fighter and Fighter S Range, including the following details:

-Twin turbocharged and intercooled 8 litre V10 engine
-1012 bhp at 5600 rpm
-1036 lb.ft of torque at 4500 rpm
-Bristol Cars have over a quarter of a century of turbocharging experience, for, in January 1980 they introduced UK's first turbocharged car ' the Bristol Beaufighter
-Functional exterior styling changes and mechanical alterations to suit the extra performance
-Lightweight sports interior
-0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds

At 3500 rpm the standard Fighter produces an impressive 525 lb.ft of torque.' The Fighter T delivers more than 900 lb.ft at the same rpm, and continues to do so all the way up to the rev limit of 6000 rpm.

A potential maximum speed of more than 270 mph has been electronically limited to a more than sufficient 225 mph at 4500 rpm.

Responding to the needs of some exacting customers we have created a very special Fighter variant which, as ever, remains a compact and enjoyable car to drive around town or as an exhilarating track car.' Yet it takes two people and their luggage in great luxury and ease for trans continental travel.

Bristol Cars believe that there is no other car with such a remarkable range of abilities.

Source: Bristol press

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