07/01/2005 Update: 7 more revealing spy photos added


The new BMW 3 Series E90 sports kit will become available shortly after it is shown at either Paris or Frankfurt later this year. Following E46 sport tradition, the window trim will come only in black and not silver colour.  The front bumper will only slightly change from the current 3 Series.  The ventral vent will retain a similar shape but will be larger and deeper than the stock version.  Side vents are also larger with a small lip on either side under the vents with the side skirt being more sculpted.  The rear bumper will sport one dual exhaust.  A small spoiler like that on the 5 Series Sport will also appear on the trunk.  Lower suspension with a firmer ride will come standard, as will 18 inch rims.  Prices are expected to be $3000 - $4000 more than the base equivalent model with no sport kit.  The sport kit will be available for both the sedan and touring, with a sport version eventually appearing on the 3 Series coupe as well.

BMW 3 Series Sport Spy Photos