ATS 2500 GT

Built around an engineered special tubular chassis that has been tested on the most famous circuit in Europe, with a composite and carbon fiber bodywork, weight less than 1000kg and thanks to its powerful 500bhp turbocharged 2500cc ATS CP 4 flat four engine, can develop a power to weight ratio of the best sportscars in the world.

This ATS GT has been projected for pure driving pleasure both on the road and on the track, offering exclusivity and custom made program for each customer that want be part of the ATS family. It's a timeless style car created to embody the classicism of the mid-engine Italian GT, and the perfect balance of elegance, sportiness and comfort. It is aimed to connoisseur customers looking for the best performance and maximum driving pleasure.

2500 GT is the best successor of the original and mythic ATS GT from sixties, built in only 12 pieces and today a really masterpiece collector car. This new GT will be a special jewel too.

Source: ATS Press

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