SR Auto Group Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible Atomic

here’s vibrant, there’s bold, and then there’s atomic orange…

Project Atomic was not built to be hidden, it was built to be the first and last car you think about once your eyes are laid upon this beast. The flashy exterior is only enhanced by the first DMC aero kit in Canada. The new front bumper features two swooping air vents which blend into a carbon fiber lip. A fully functional carbon fiber rear diffuser features five air splicing fins to keep this beast planted. The diffuser rests on top of a Kreissieg F1 valvetronic exhaust system.

With the amount of orange present, it was undoubtedly clear that we needed a bit of contrast to tie together the project. The pillars were converted to a deep shadow black, along with the side vents and front emblem.

We mounted a set of PUR 1NE in a gloss black finish with a splash of atomic orange. By doing so, we eliminated the possibility of the wheel blending into the tire. The brake calipers have also been repainted with a canary yellow tone to liven up the wheels. The handling capabilities have been significantly increased with the installation of a set of H&R lowering springs.

Source: SR Auto Group Press

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