SR Auto Group Ferrari 458 Black Mist

Dressed for the night, Project Black Mist is the epitome of how a tailored outfit can truly set you apart from the rest. Project Black Mist began its life as an ordinary Ferrari 458 Italia, but that was quickly changed once it arrived at our doorstep.

The first step to Project Black Mist’ transformation was to enhance the lines and curves of this beast with the help from Novitec. The Novitec aero kit has been proven to be a winner for the eyes as Novitec has taken the time to design a kit that flows effortlessly on the car. For that very reason, we have always gone back to Novitec for their designs. Paint matched to the original exterior, Project Black Mist is really living up to its name.

As with any project, we would never let the car leave without a proper set of wheels. With our attention focused on the wheels, we selected a set of modern gloss black PUR 1NE. Many would ask why modern black when PUR has been offering all their unique colors as of lately. The reason for this choice was that we wanted to maintain a sleek appearance throughout the car.

Source: SR Auto Group Press

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SR Auto Group Ferrari 458 Black Mist