Ford Seattle-ite XXI

the Ford Seattle-ite XXI is known amongst concept car afficianados as perhaps the single most innovative concept car ever imagined. All the way back in 1962, Ford engineers envisioned a car with computer navigation, only now becoming commonplace. What's more, the Seattle-ite XXI was conceived to run on a set of fuel cells; while the engineers believed they would be nuclear-powered, the cells were meant to be interchangeable, so the car could run on whatever sort were available.

Appearance-wise, the car's most seemingly ridiculous trait appears to be its two sets of front wheels, but even this turns out to be a good idea. Four front wheels increase traction, prevent hydro-planing, and four disc breaks drastically increases stopping power. In 1976, a six-wheeled Formula 1 car, the Tyrrell P34, won the Swedish Grand Prix. Today, the Covini C6W, a six-wheeled Italian sports car, has gone into limited production as of 2005.

And finally, the Seattle-ite was designed to be separable. The full version pictured above was to have featured a 400+ horsepower engine, but the entire front was designed to be removable, leaving a smaller, 60 horsepower car for city driving.

Source: SeattleST

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Ford Seattle-ite XXI