JE Design Volkswagen Polo

No sooner had Volkswagen given the Polo a facelift in the style of the Passat and Jetta than had JE DESIGN from Leingarten also taken on the new 9N model. The Volkswagen tuning specialist teases out a few brake horsepower more from the engine and kits out this compact Volkswagen with a new look.

The Polo receives a power boost by 24 kW / 33 bhp to 163 bhp, putting the Volkswagen in the same output class as a BMW 120d and which will no doubt cause it to get into many a scrape with these. With a torque of around 350 Nm, it even surpasses the values of a 1 Series. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, just over a second faster than in the series version. JE DESIGN pushes the limits in terms of air and rolling resistance by 6 km/h to a top speed of 214 km/h kilometres per hour.

It is possible to style the Polo's visual appearance in line with the performance by fitting a complete body kit (components also available separately) from JE. At the front end, the tuning specialist corrects the goggle eyes of the series Polo by fitting headlight lens covers. The striking front spoiler in a wing design creates a dominating appearance in the rear-view mirror of the driver in front. The sides are adorned with sills featuring a striking air intake. The air intakes look even better when they are painted in a different color. JE DESIGN enhances the rear view, i.e. the part most people will get to see the most, with a downforce-boosting boot-lid wing spoiler. Added to this is a rear apron body kit, which picks up on the wing design of the front spoiler and, in the centre, a racing-car-like diffuser. The recesses on the left and right house the powerful-looking 90 mm pipes of the stainless steel rear silencer system, which the Polo uses to loudly convey its sheer power to the public.

JE DESIGN typically fits the Polo with a complete set of wheels with multi-spoke rims in a 7x17 inch ET 35 design, equipped with size 205/40 R 17 Y tires. Needless to say, however, other sets of wheels are available in 17 and 18 inch versions. Lowering the suspension by approx. 30 mm by fitting sports springs helps the compact Volkswagen takes corners as quick as a flash. Alternatively, JE DESIGN also offers the option of fitting a coilover suspension.

Source: JE Design press

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