Ronn Motors Scorpion HX

Ronn Motor Company has developed a leading edge design, environmentally friendly, finely built, premium automobile, balancing eye-catching great looks and stellar performance with an eco-responsible, alternative power system as the most efficient and effective means to deliver, market and showcase their proprietary systems.

The Scorpion HX™ is a rear engine, hydrogen fuel injected hybrid vehicle, competing in the exotic car industry. It features the latest in engine technology pairing together their proprietary real time hydrogen injection solution with the new aluminum and magnesium V-Tech, V-6 Type S motor from Acura. This engine produces nearly 300 horsepower stock and with the RMC upgrades including twin turbos the engine produces 650 horsepower, all while maintaining superior fuel consumption ratings.

The Scorpion features the exclusive and proprietary H2GO™ real time Hydrogen Injection fuel delivery system. This technology consists of a system that generates hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water in real time as the Scorpion HX™ moves down the road and delivers these gases to the air intake of an internal combustion engine.

The H2GO™ system reduces engine emissions, enhances engine performance and improves fuel consumption efficiency. The system provides hydrogen, which is injected directly into the engine, without the need for on-board, high pressure hydrogen storage tanks. This alternative fuel approach provides the Scorpion HX™ with a very economical 40 miles per gallon and reduces CO2 emissions to nearly zero.

Source: Ronn Motors press

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