Volvo OUT Concept by David Olsen

Volvo has a long history of safe, family oriented vehicles and even heavy duty trucks. The Volvo OUT (Open Utility Truck) introduces a new category of SUVs. It promises all the practicality you would expect, with the added ability to carry all the dirty stuff you wouldn't want inside the cabin.

This vehicle incorporates an unique inter-locking extendable bed system that would close to make maneuvering in the city easier and open to enable a larger carrying capacity in the country. The body utilizes the current XC90 platform with a newly developed bio-diesel engine that provides loads of torque (400) without destroying the environment. With the added benefit of a mid-size pickup bed and all the standard safety equipment that has become synonymous with Volvo, the Volvo OUT finally puts everything you need into one compact package.

Source: David Olsen

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