GMC Terracross Concept

The GMC Terracross was an all-wheel-drive concept SUV made by General Motors in 2001. Although it had the appearance of a futuristic compact SUV, the Terracross also had the characteristics of a convertible and a pickup truck.

Some of the vehicle's notable features were a three-panel sliding glass roof which gave it the qualities of a convertible and a reconfigurable mid-gate and window that could create a rear cargo compartment separate from the passenger area. This same idea was later used on vehicles like the GMC Envoy XUV and Chevrolet Avalanche. Similar to the rear doors of a minivan, the rear doors opened by sliding toward the rear of the vehicle parallel to its sides. 

There were no b-pillars in the Terracross, and the front passenger seat could swivel to face the rear seating area. The interior of the vehicle was surrounded by translucent green lighting, and it included sophistocated electronics such as a laptop computer integrated into the dashboard and an OnStar system.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011

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