Zagato AC 378 GT

The legendary 111 year old AC brand is continuing with its Anglo-­‐Italian heritage and is pleased to launch the AC 378 GT Zagato. The new AC 378 GT Zagato, is also the latest in a long line of collaborations with the very best British car manufacturers during the Milanese Atelier’s 93 years history. These include not only AC but also Aston Martin, Bentley, Bristol, Jaguar, MG, Rolls-­‐Royce and Rover.

AC and Zagato first cooperated in 1957, creating the AC Ace Bristol Zagato one-­‐off, a pure racing GT Berlinetta today considered an instant classic in the AC model portfolio. It was designed with the typical Zagato double-­‐bubble roof and equipped with a 2 litre inline-­‐6 engine. This sought after car will be back at Pebble Beach 2012 for a special event featuring AC Cars. The AC 378 GT Zagato and the AC Ace Bristol Zagato will be there to celebrate this historic association.

After two years of testing, about ten AC 378 GT Zagato pre-­‐production units have been completed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where the AC 378 Zagato’s manufacturing facility is based. The cockpit’s layout is entirely defined by perfectly matching the body’s smooth lines, according to the typical Zagato’s minimal design cues.

Throughout 2011 the AC 378 GT Zagato has undergone heavy track testing in order to optimize handling & performance and maximize the vehicle’s response thanks to a very favorable power-­‐to-­‐weight ratio.

The name of the car tells its story: AC Cars is building on 111 years of heritage with a proven pedigree of developing some of the most desirable combinations of British sports car know-­‐how and American muscle power. 378 is the cubic inch capacity of the engine (in line with AC 289, AC 427 etc). GT reflects the car's objective of being a long distance tourer with ultimate performance. Zagato is the name of the renowned Italian styling house which designed the car, re-­‐establishing a link which goes back to the one-­‐off AC Ace Bristol Zagato of 1957 which became an instant classic. AC's Italian design links were later consolidated in the now much sought after and highly exciting AC 428 Frua model.

Zagato's design philosophy for the car sums up the key attributes of the AC 378 GT Zagato‐ simple, light and aerodynamic. With a kerb weight of only 1,465 kg and a power output of 434 bhp from its all‐American GM 6.2 litre V8 engine – performance is electrifying. With an unrestricted top speed of 185 mph and a 0‐60 acceleration time of sub 4 seconds there can be few doubts about the new car's ability to perform in true AC style.

The new car has been subjected to intensive track testing in South Africa. This process has demonstrated the 378's superb handling, derived from its 50/50 front/rear weight balance and strong sports car pedigree. As a high speed, long distance tourer with an exclusive and stylish appearance it will have few equals.

“The AC 378 GT Zagato represents a brilliant new chapter in the illustrious story of the AC marque”, says General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie, GCB, OBE, DL Chairman of the Management Board of AC Cars. “This is a car for those seeking outstanding looks and a presence which will be denied to all but the very few and genuine supercar performance at an affordable and competitive price. Its car which sits well alongside the iconic models AC is better known for”, said General Mackenzie, who had a long and distinguished military career – including serving as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Source: Zagato press

Zagato AC 378 GT